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 Five step instructions to correctly using your FSA-1
 Step One: ( Velcro placement on flashlight )
 1) Center
2) Do not block on-off switch
Step Two: ( Velcro placement on Harness )
1) Top of shoulder
2) Slide assembly (A) under harness webbing (B) until webbing (C) is completely over webbing (B)
Step Three: ( Velcro placement on harness webbing )
1) Fold back webbing (C)

2) Adhere Velcro onto harness webbing in center on both assembly and harness webbing. Press firmly to ensure good grip.

Step Four: ( Securing FSA-1 to radio harness )
1) Fold back webbing (C) onto Velcro on webbing (B) press firmly to ensure good grip.
Step Five: ( Securing flashlight to FSA-1 )
1) Center flashlight on assembly and fold side (1) over flashlight tightly to ensure good grip, repeat with side (2) and your ready.